Gemita (Right) and Lea (Left) on the set of 'Spectre'

Gemita (Right) and Lea (Left) on the set of 'Spectre'

Pentathlon training (Sponsored by Leon Paul)

Pentathlon training (Sponsored by Leon Paul)

Working with West Papuan hero Benny Wenda, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and founder of the Free West Papuan campaign. 

Working with West Papuan hero Benny Wenda, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and founder of the Free West Papuan campaign. 

Boat chase down the River Thames on 'Spectre'.

Boat chase down the River Thames on 'Spectre'.

Surfing home break in Venice beach, California. 

Surfing home break in Venice beach, California. 

About Gemita

Stunt Woman/ Actress/ Model/ Writer/ Producer

Whatever the reason is that you’ve ended up on my website, you’re probably wondering what the hell it is I actually do or how I manage to balance it all. If you’re here because you thought I was an instagram model or youtuber, please hit ALT + F4 simultaneously.

 If not.. here’s the basics of it all! Stunts I accidentally got into at the age of 17 during my first acting job for a TV show called Bedlam, where most of my scenes were underwater and I was playing the villain. That’s when I learned that stunts was an actual career and since then I'd say it's gone pretty well! I've been a Bond Girl stunt double (for Lea Seydoux) in the latest 007 movie 'Spectre' and have worked on other awesome projects like Tim Burtons latest movie 'Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children', 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' and '24'. (More credits at the bottom of this page).

 I had done a lot of the skills required for stunts as a child, coming from a background of extreme sports and having successfully competed internationally in show jumping and synchronised swimming. My family were also a big influence, as prior to me entering this world, my mother was a trapeze artist and a dancer and my father was also performing in the same circus. My brother is big into rock climbing and studied at film school and now he also works in the same industry as me, with his own production company specialising in remote location and extreme sports docs[].

 I started writing and producing more seriously when I moved to LA and focussed on social action (environmental, human and animal rights based) and sport documentaries, commercials and music videos. I've since moved back to the UK and set up a production company, Big Bad Wolf Productions.

 The charity 'Finished Finning' was born through clinging onto hope that other humans would also join forces to help me reduce 70 million of my favourite animals (sharks) getting killed annually and I also run regular ocean conservation projects internationally throughout the year. I intend to push the charity work a lot further this year and have some exciting projects lined up.

 Acting and modelling was never meant to be on the agenda but it just kept happening and now I’ve been lucky enough to model for some of my favourite brands and even have a character in Game of Thrones! Over the past 4 years I’ve grown to love acting and it means I can experience things I can’t legally get away with in everyday life!

 Modern Pentathlon is a sport that not many know of. It’s 5 disciplines consisting of swimming, fencing, running, shooting and show jumping. Like stunts, I did all of the sports individually as a child and then discovered it was an actual sport! How stoked was I on that discovery…. Providing my body is still functioning, I’m currently training along side the GB team and aiming for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. 

People often ask me what else I love other than work, as it seems to be all I do… so here you go.

  • Food (growing it, cooking it and eating it) 
  • Travelling
  • Sharks
  • Wolves
  • Animals
  • Writing
  • Climbing
  • Surfing
  • Snow boarding
  • Martial arts (BJJ, Kick Boxing) 
  • Weapon work (Archery, short and long blade and firearms) 
  • Driving (off road/ track) 
  • Mountain biking
  • Helicopters
  • Boats
  • Mountaineering
  • Diving (scuba and free) 
  • Yoga (functional, not yummy mummy classes) 
  • Running (either really fast through a crowd, being chased, or down a mountain. If you want to go road running I’ll call you an uber and peace out) 
  • Wild camping
  • Road trips
  • Van living
  • Architecture
  • Reading

So now I guess on the whole you’ll be questioning my gender and sanity more than anything else. Get in contact if you want to know any more! 

My most recent credits include:


Office Uprising- (TBA)

Game of Thrones- Brea

Pressure- Lisa

Fast and Furious 6- Izzy

Rush- Lottie

Bedlam: Pool of Tears- Ghost





Louis Vuitton- Stunt Co-ordinator and Stunt Double for Lea Seydoux

Spectre- Lea Seydoux Stunt Double

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children- Ella Purnell Stunt Double

The Infiltrator- Diane Kruger Stunt Double

Kingsman: The Secret Service- Stunt Performer

24: Live Another Day- Yvonne Strahovski Stunt Double